Camille Codes

A Journey into Web Developement

The Road (Back) to Code

I wrote my last blog post and completed my last section project (the Rails project) over a year ago, at the end of July 2018. I certainly did not imagine it would take me a year to complete the next section and submit a new project, but here we are. A little background…

Two Takeaways from Developing My Reading List in Rails

As I was brainstorming what to write about the process of developing My Reading List, my Rails portfolio project, it became clear to me that my two biggest take-aways from this project were: the complex relationships I learned how to implement and the benefits of test driven development.

My Reading List - A Sinatra Web Application

For my Flatiron School Sinatra portfolio project I built a web application called ‘My Reading List’, which allows users to create an account and then keep track of books they’d like to read. They can browse the application library (which contains all books added by all users) and then add an existing book to their personal reading list or create a brand new book to add. It was a little intimidating starting the project completely from scratch, but I had a lot of fun working through it and learned a lot along the way. Now that I’m finished, it’s so rewarding to see that I built a web app I actually want to deploy and use myself!

What to Watch? - CLI Data Gem Project

Well I’ve made it through the first section of Flatiron School’s Online Web Developer Track and have completed my first portfolio project! For this first project, I built an application that provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to an external data source, with the CLI being composed of an Object Oriented Ruby application. I decided to build an application which would allow users to view in list form all Showtime series available for for streaming on Showtime Anytime, and then view further information (summary of the show, number of seasons/episodes available) on the series’ of their choosing. I chose this topic because (like most people these days) I love finding new series to binge watch. I particularly like Showtime’s content (Shameless and Ray Donovan are my faves), but I really hate all the incessant scrolling and clicking. I could spend an hour just scrolling around and clicking into different show details, trying to find a new show to watch. So I decided, why not build a program that would allow me to get this information more quickly?

The Road to Code

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching tirelessly for my passion in life, for that one thing that really makes me tick. As a child I tried almost every sport, instrument, and club there was, most of which I enjoyed but none that I really loved. This routine continued throughout college as I switched majors 9 times before finally settling on Psychology…mostly because it was the only one of interest which would allow me to graduate on time. I toyed with the idea of pursuing advanced degrees in Psychology, but just couldn’t justify spending that much time and money on something I wasn’t truly passionate about. Not really sure what to do next, I decided to move from my small hometown in Florida to NYC, without a job and with a months notice. I figured everything would work itself out once I got there and by some stroke of luck, it did. I found a job within the first week of moving there (and on Craigslist, if you can believe it) and within another few weeks found the perfect apartment. I had a real, salaried job and was living in one of the world’s greatest cities - my adult life was off to a great start!